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Electrical Instrumentation Systems.

Electrical & Instrumentation division has significant experience in delivering complete electrical and automation projects to major operators around the world, onshore and offshore

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Construction

A leading provider of engineering, design, consulting and contracting services to the power, commercial, industrial, hospitality, health, infrastructure, transport, and education sectors.

Detailed Engineering Design and Construction

Applications in the power generation, transmission or distribution industry need 100% available highly reliable electrical power.

Construction, Installation of Control Systems

Accurate process control solutions, from DCS right up to field components, that are vital for smooth operations.

Facility Maintenance for Buildings / Estates

Estates Services is responsible for the upkeep of the fabric of buildings – including walls, roofs and Windows – across the functional estate and for the electrical and mechanical systems within buildings.

Electrical Instrumentation Systems

In the field of electrical instrumentation, offering an integrated solution including analysis, planning, design, engineering, installation, procurement, testing, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance forms a part of our strategy.

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