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We hereby introduce ESSG-BIDE NIG. LTD. An Electrical/Mechanical and Civil Engineering Company to your Organization.
Over the years in partnership with our partners, we have developed abilities that have served us well in accomplishing projects in the following areas.

CEO- Mr. Sunny Ejegreh

Essg-Bide Nig Ltd is an Electrical / Mechanical and Civil Engineering Company, our office is located at No 3 Lawani Oduloye Street, Oniru Estate Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

The Company was incorporated on 3rd of March 1995 and we started full operation in October same year. The establishment of ESSG-BIDE NIG LTD was driven by the need to render quality Design, Construction and Maintenance of Electrical, Power, Instrumentation & control, Mechanical engineering services to the oil and gas industry, communication industry, manufacturing industry, Real Estate Industry, ETC.

ESSG Values & Principles

The principles that will guide the continuous existence of ESSG include the following:

 We will provide an environment of free and open communication that stimulates mutual trust and understanding at all levels.

 We are committed to excellence and will promote only the highest standards of safety, quality and cost effectiveness.

 We will be ethical and professional in our activities.

 In recognizing our social responsibilities in Nigeria we will contribute to the well being of the communities in which we work.

 We will respect individual rights, cultures, values and aspirations.

 We will expand our capabilities through continuous training, dedication and commitment. In so doing, we will enhance individual and group abilities so that the full potential of each is realized.

 We will be proactive in our business approach in order to predict future developments and possible sources of critical impacts.

 We will not compromise merit in all considerations.

ESSG scope of work includes:

• Distribution
• Transmission
• Generation

• Low voltage/LT Systems
• General intension lighting
• Emergency lighting
• Street/Area/Flood lighting
• Studio/Auditorium/Area/Lighting
• Automatic fire alarm system
• DC Supply System
• UPS System


• Terminal equipment installation
• Wire, wireless & Optical Fiber Networks
• Exchange Switches, NAT, PABX Telephony Networks
• LAN Networks
• Satellite TX – RX V – SAT
• Video & Audio Broadcasting
• MMDS, TVRO, Terrestrial, Microwaves
• Video Monitoring over Internet protocol

• Access control
• Card reader, Pin Code, Finger Print, Eyes detection & General Biometric Systems.
• CCTV Security Networks
• CCTV Analogue, over internet Protocol
• IP CAMERAS Networks Systems.
• Fire Alarms and Burglary systems
• Electronics security systems infrastructure
• Management / Maintenance
• Skilled Labor Supply

Storage Systems
 Welding/Fabrication
 Plumbing & water works
 Fire Hydrant System
 Metering facilities and measurement systems
 Steam and boiler systems
 Modern depot / truck loading facilities
 Power systems (HV, MV, LV)
 Fire fighting and protection systems
 Terminal automation Instrumentation/control system
 Piping fabrication
 Relief and control Valve repairs & calibration
 Pump installation and alignment
 Tank inventory system Truck loading facilities
 Actuators
 Storage tanks
 Sampling equipment
 Daniels Orfice fittings (Gas metering device)


ESSG-BIDE NIG LTD is established to maintain a dynamic organization where absolute transparency, accountability, professional competence, customer satisfaction and employee welfare are practically demonstrated and applied for the provision of safe Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance (EPCOM) services in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry.

To accomplish this Mission statement we will:

 Be responsible, flexible and cost-effective.

 Provide quality as a non-negotiable necessity.

 Focus on our Clients’ business needs.

 Meet Clients’ requirements on time and within budgets.

 Provide a level of service superior to our competitors’.

 Develop suitably qualified, motivated and dedicated people.

 Continually improve our safety records.

 Be innovative (constantly improve service and performance)

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