Our Services

Developmental Consultancy /Engineering Design

ESSG has the expertise in comparative feasibility studies, conceptual design, detailed engineering, budget cost analysis, and the provision of up to date information on the technological development in the market for specific project. We use AUTOCAD Release 14, AUTOPIPE, and REBIS to present designs.


Over the years, ESSG professional engineers worked with various project teams and have demonstrated their ability to deliver quality in construction activities.
They have acquired experiences in welding, rigging, fitting, fabrication, equipment installation, safety, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning of process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation systems. They are quite conversant with the applicable Standards and Codes. ESSG has the capability and has been involved in piping and tank construction modification and maintenance activities for various clients.

Project Management

In proving Project management the ESSG assumes full responsibility of providing both administrative and technical services on behalf of any Client for the planning, co-ordination, monitoring, control, inspection, supervision, and documentation activities. By this approach, projects are executed and delivered on schedule with strict adherence to customer specification and within budgets.

Installation and Commissioning

ESSG group of engineers handled the installation and commissioning of various equipment/ facilities such as metering systems, pumping stations, tank gauging and inventory systems, valve actuators, relief valves, acculoads, proverloops etc.

Procurement/ Material Management/ Training

ESSG procurement specialists are conversant with the procurement processes required to deliver equipment and materials to a Client. At the inquiry stage necessary checks are carried out to ensure a complete understanding of the Client’s requirements. Where new and better technology is available in the market, a Client may be advised on the options available. In ordering for an item, necessary for a complete manufacture. Necessary follow up is always embarked upon immediately an order is placed to ensure that delivery dead line is met. On arrival at the port, adequate documentation is presented to enable easy clearing of goods. Proper inspection is carried out on goods to detect any error or damage on time for possible feedback to the manufacture. Importantly, the group is also privileged to have one of the members of the group who was once a procurement manager.
We have the capacity to train Client’s personnel on various activities in the oil and gas industry, communication industry, manufacturing industry, Real Estate Industry, ETC.

Operation and Maintenance

ESSG engineers carried out preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, breakdown maintenance or repair of various equipment and plants within the oil industry. In preventive and predictive maintenance, each unit of equipment is constantly monitored to predict its condition at any given time in order to take appropriate actions to prevent failure. Breakdown or repair maintenance is safety-related maintenance wherein balances or abnormalities in equipment performance are correct.
ESSG team of engineers also have the capability to run and manage metering, depot facilities, flow stations and tank farms for and on behalf of the Clients. The provision of such services will enable the Client to concentrate on facilities enhancement activities.

Fire Protection System

We have undertaken some project on fire protection system which includes the following:

1. Provision of FM 200

2. Provision of fire Hose reels

3. Provision of smoke detector, heat detector etc

Access Control, Communication And Telecommunication System

We undertake access control, Communication, and Telecommunications systems including information security access control.

UPS Inverter System

We have undertaken a project which included the provision of UPS, Inverter, solar inverter both for home and office use.

Mechanical / Welding Fabrication / Calibration / Pressure Testing / Pipeline Maintenance Work

We undertake mechanical /Pipeline project including provision of pipeline connecting dispensing pump and underground fuel storage tanks.

Water & Sewage Treatment

We undertake construction, Installation and maintenance of Sewage and water treatment system.


Generator Sales & Maintenance

We undertake sales, Installation, Maintenance of DIESEL GENERATORS

Air Conditioning

We undertake sales, Installation, Maintenance of HVAC System